Goals and Work Programme


  • To foster, encourage and promote research and development in the application of integrated IT throughout the life-cycle of the design, construction and occupancy of buildings and related facilities
  • To proactively encourage the use of IT in Construction through the demonstration of capabilities developed in collaborative research projects
  • To organise international cooperation in such activities and to promote the communication of these activities and their results The object of W78’s work is broad in terms of the design, construction and occupation and occupancy of constructed facilities, but primarily it relates to the integration and communication of data, information and knowledge in the facility’s life cycle.


Programme of work

Integrated Design and Delivery Solutions – IDDS (R Drogemuller/S Beasley)
Supporting young researchers (J Beetz)
PhD award & workshop (J Beetz)

Occasional items
Industry engagement (A Dikbas)
Women in Construction IT (N Dawood)
International surveys ()


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